The work


Le Clos de la Meslerie today is designed and worked to provide a limited supply of high-end white wine, hand-made and carefully crafted by a winemaker whose only job is to ensure that the natural process of growing grapes and making wine takes place as smoothly as possible. A wine like this can only be made at a small vineyard where exacting standards and rigorous quality controls at every step of the process can be carefully managed.

Le Clos de la Meslerie is a wine virtually made bunch-by-bunch, whereas most wines, even relatively high-end wines, are made acre-by-acre.

Our vines are “old” (between 20 and 60 years). Older vines generally are known to produce more qualitative grapes than recently planted ones. They work more slowly, they produce fewer bunches of grapes and because they are less vigorous, the sugars and flavours tend to be more concentrated in the grapes since all of this energy is not going towards producing lots of new shoots and leaves.


How do we translate our philosophy into practice? Concretely:
In the vineyard
In the cellar
The wine-making facility
The press
The rest